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TimeNews NG - A leading news agency in Nigeria

A Brief History of this Project

Timecommunications NG is a news agency that started pulishing good, quality news to Nigerians in about 2015. their objective was to serve Nigerian fresh, latest news content in the most internet friendly was. thier core focus was to increase traffic with relevent, fresh but news worthy content that is accompanied with great user experience to keep readers engaged and keep coming back. 


  1. RIGHT HOSTING – For a news blog like time news, we knew the importnace of choosing the right hosting platform that best seves their need. we considered a lot of uptions like the right bandwith, speed, budget, flexiblity and lots more in determining this. we chosed the hosting that was perfect for the website and it nas been a huge success with no hinge to glitch.
  2. CRM – its no longer a news that more than 50% of the website live on the internet is powered by wordpress. considereing its flexiblity and availabilty of tools, we helped them with a horpress hosting and a theme that matched their objective.
  3. BUILDING WEB PAGES – the core objectives were simple (user friendlyness). We bulit them a easy navigatable website that made it easy and simple for their readers to find blog and posts that intersts them.
  4. IN-BROWSER NOTIFICATION – For a news website, the importance of push notification cannot be over emphasized. it isnt just important, but imperative to maintaining and inceasing the traffic. we configure easy to use push notification than prompts users whenever a new gblog article is released and this has helped to not just grow, but increase their web traffic with over 1200% in the past 2years.